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May 14th

Stupid sex characteristics straight cis boys share:

1. They expect you to be good at sex things (blowjobs mostly), but are dismayed and repulsed by the thought that you honed those skills on some other guy’s dick.

2. They think that girls get more out of sex than they do because they’re weirdly obsessed with the efficiency and sexual potency of their dick. (No matter how big or small it is, and no matter how much or little work they put into fucking you)

3. They think that—without knowing your body at all— they can somehow make you come the first time you ever have sex, through penetration only, in less than 20 minutes. 

4. They try things that should really stay in porn, because most of the time that’s where they learn everything about sex. Things like slapping you in the face with their dick, or going at your muffin shop like they’re trying to scrape paint off a house.

5. Their self worth is strangely tied to their ability to make girls come, and if you don’t because of their lack of ability/consideration, they are more likely to get mad at you for not validating them, than they are to try harder or ask you what it is that you actually like. 

I’m getting really close to being done forever with straight cis guys.

like really fucking close

March 21st

I love it when boys do the thing where they are smiling and frowning at the same time.

March 1st

There is a guy i’m facebook friends with who is so attractive that even the most casual of photographs of him look like advertisements for things.

January 27th









men moaning is basically the hottest thing a guy can do besides give you neck kisses

lets not forget when they whisper ugh fuck under their breath

fal;djsflkjsdlfk DEAR LORD

Yes. When he growls that ‘ugh fuck’ under his breath while you giving him the suck…whoo shit. Or just men moaning in general.

yeah hearing him growl “ugh fuck” is defintely the best part

nonverbal growls, tho..

I see your moaning and raise you a whimper

I see your whimper and raise you a half repressed groan

I see your half repressed groan and raise you a choked off near silent scream

August 11th

i need to start finding and fucking models again.

I need a devastatingly pretty boy to tell me i’m pretty again.

and then show me just how pretty he thinks I am.

June 21st



There is nothing more pleasing to me, aesthetically, than a boy wearing a crown of flowers. 

November 9th

I just really love jewish boys.

So glad I stumbled into this today.


September 9th

I like-like a boy now.

Its been so long that I didn’t even notice for a while.

It was like 8pm at night and I was sitting in theatre rehearsal and I was like “Jeez. This is the fifth time I’ve thought about this guy all day. Usually I only think this much about fandom. What the fuck is going on.”

Then I was like “Wait. Think about what would happen if he let you hold his hand.” and then I had to control my smiling lest people think I’m some kind of mad-person/freak as I sit there grinning and no one has said anything at all to me. 

And then I realized that this is what having a crush is like. 

I haven’t had a legit crush on someone in over 6 years. Usually I just sleep with people or date them because I can. Or see someone I like and just snatch them up and wring them dry. 

But now my face gets all hot and my heart skips beats and I’m all types of awkward acting and I JUST WANT IT TO STOP. 

June 9th

He was a God in the guise of a boy. He played with the others like anyone else. Pulled on jeans and sneakers. Made out with girls behind the bleachers. And wrote essays about American history. He could have chosen any time, but he relished this one in particular. It was the chaos that did it. The discord. The moans of agony, disappointment and confusion were so many and so lush it turned him on. “Ah, the 21st century,” he said, with arms spread wide. “Who knew I could be so brilliant.”